Jewel-Care by Lumina Jewelry

With Jewel-Care we offer you a cost effective way to have your jewellery repaired or restored to near mint condition.

This preserves the value and enjoyment of your favourite piece of jewellery.

The prices for Jewel-Care are:

 Jewellery category One-off price [in Euro]1)
Earrings 10,00
Rings 10,00
Earrings with details or stones 15,00
Bracelets 15,00
Necklaces 25,00

For the Jewel Care service, please notify us of your parcel in advance by email or contact form so that we can identify your jewellery when it arrives.

As soon as your jewellery arrives, we will contact you and let you know how long the repair will take.

1) The price of Jewel-Care does not include shipping costs. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.